Coal from the Valleys


For well over a hundred years the men of Wales have toiled in the dark and dusty depths below the Welsh mountains. They tore the hard anthracite coal from the heart of the earth so that the hungry machines of the Industrial Age could produce wealth for their owners and a meager living for those who operated them.
Through two World Wars the collieries of Wales provided much of the coal needed to drive the steam turbines of the ships carrying men and supplies to war.
In Post War Britain, Welsh coal burned to provide electricity for industry and drive locomotives which hauled goods, steel, people, and more coal across the land.

By the end of the twentieth century the Welsh coal industry had been decimated, with only one mine left operational, and that because of the strength and courage of the miners who once worked there and then bought the colliery.

These few pages are not intended to tell the story of the struggles and strife the miners from the valleys endured, that would take far more room and time. Instead they are to serve as a reminder of the pits which once employed the hard working Welsh miners.
The pits these faded photographs show may have long since gone, but the memories of their passing will take much longer to fade from the minds of those who lived and worked in the coalfields of Wales.



Bargoed Colliery

Bersham Colliery

Big Pit, Blaenavon

Britannia Colliery

Celynen Colliery


Deep Navigation Colliery

Elliots Colliery



Llanbradach Colliery

Mardy - Rhondda


Markham Colliery


Navigation Colliery - Lower Ebbw Valley

Oakdale Colliery

Ogilvie Colliery

Old Pit

Penalta Colliery

Pochin Colliery - Tredegar

Point of Ayr

Rhymney Merthyr


Six Bells

Taff Merthyr





We would like to express our extreme thanks to Jeff Harris who allowed to use his photographs and information for the purpose of creating these pages.

We also give many thanks to Stuart Tomlinson for his contributions of photographs and historical facts. I urge all readers of these pages to visit the Shropshire Mines Trust site and support their efforts to record and preserve the mining history of the people of Wales.



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