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Mining Badges Collection
Many thanks to all who have donated images for this collection!
Armthorpe 1984 Strike 1985
Dawdon Colliery
Doncaster 99th Demonstration & Gala
Train Crews Welfare Pancras Unity Hatfield Main Welfare Centre 1984-1985
Hatfield Main 1984 Strike
YMWA Hatfield Main Branch
North Wales NUM
C.O.S.A. NUM Yorkshire Region 1984/85 Strike
Orgreave  - The Price of Coal
Rossington - Yorks Area - Unity - Strength
Royston Drif Mine - 1 years Loyalty to NUM 84/85
National Union of Mineworkers
Woolley NUM Loyal Membership
Yorks Area NUM
Miners Strike -  Yorks Area - 1984 - 1985
NUM - Yorks Area - Long Membership
Cynheidre Lodge South Wales Area NUM.
Notts NUM
Orgreave - june 18th 1984
Thurcroft Branch NUM
Unbroken allegiance to the NUM
Mines Rescue Service
Ayrshire Striking Miner 14-3-84 to Tues 5-3-85
Derbys N.U.M.


For information on collecting mining badges and other mining related memorabilia I recommend a visit to the National Mining Memorabilia web site