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Mesothelioma Prognosis

An excellent resource for your visitors to learn about the dangers of this disease.


South Wales Miners Welfare

Minerswelfare.org has been created to provide a ‘one-stop-shop’ for information on services, activities and financial resources available for South Wales mining beneficiaries. It has been specifically designed to highlight areas of support and assistance for those who worked in the industry, and inhabitants of coalfield areas who can still utilise the many facilities left behind as a legacy of the industry.


Miners Voices

Miners Voices is a unique project dedicated to record the living history of the Ayrshire miners, their families and communities. Using modern technology and the internet the project aims to give people who live in our former mining towns and villages the opportunity to share their life experiences with the wider community.


Mesothelioma Life Expectancy

Miners are exposed to dangers and risks every day, but one risk that few people consider is their heightened risk of exposure to asbestos. Asbestos, a naturally occurring mineral that was used in construction for decades during the 1900s, is a known carcinogen that increases the risk of many types of cancer


Powerfuel, Hatfield Power Park
Details of Powerfuel's proposed 900MW electricity generating plant


Coal, Colliery and Mining Forum
This forum, dedicated to all things mining, is well worth a visit!


This a really good site, packed with info about ironminers and iron mines in the US.



Coalfield Women
The website of Women Against Pit Closures. Formed during the 1984/5 Miners' strike, WAPC has played a leading role in defending mining communities throughout Great Britain...


BBC put their "Faith" in Stainforth.

Hatfield Colliery used as scene for BBC TV drama to be shown in March 2005

Justice for Colombia

Justice for Colombia is the TUC's campaign to aid the Colombian trade unions.Colombia is the most dangerous country in the world in which to be a trade unionist.

Remember the miners

A wonderful collection of photographs in this online album from Keith Hutchinson

Yorkshire Main

Excellent site about the history of Yorkshire Main Colliery
Edlington, Doncaster.

J. K. DEY & SONS - 13, Old China Bazar Street, Kolkata 700001. INDIA

Sole manufacturers of Mining Oil Safety Lamp and different types of Carbide Lamp. Catering to all the Indian Underground Mines. Also exported to USA, France,Germany & Australia. With this lamp the percentage of Methane, deficiency of Oxygen and existing of Carbon-DI-Oxide can be detected easily. Another product is the Safety Torch (Intrinsically safe) which is actually used in mines, oil refineries, shipping so also in all inflammable atmosphere.

Cell Phone:- +91 9830354185 Tel:- 091 033 2242 6853(O), 033 2555 8491(R), 033 2555 4888 (R)
Fax:- 091 033 2554 5741, 033 2555 7658
E-mail:- jkdey@cal3.vsnl.net.in
Please visit the web site http://www.jkdey.com .

Photographic History Of Blaenserchan Colliery

Another wonderful site from Wales. Very informative and well worth a visit.
Creator Bryn Priddle - Photographers Alan Boucher & Ivor Glyn Jones



Mining Archeology in Sardinia
This is one of the most interesting European mining related sites. Sardinia is littered with disused mines, many of which mined minerals such as; coal, lead, zinc, flourite and gold. This group, calling themselves the "minierabondi", which in English means "mine vagabonds or "The Mine Tramps", set up this site which lists many of the disused mines in Sardinia.

For the English version go to:


Alan and Geoff's Old Merthyr Tydfil
This great site about Old Merthyr Tydfil was put together by two old friends.


Martin Shakeshaft's site features pictures taken during the 1984/85 strike and the present.


The Working Class Movement Library (WCML) is a collection of English language books, periodicals, pamphlets, archives and artefacts, concerned with the activities, expression and enquiries of the labour movement, its allies and its enemies, since the late eighteenth century


John Doxey [ born Thrybergh South Yorkshire, now living in Sydney Australia ] has constructed this great site which includes info about Silverwood Pit.


Derek Brown's site is about the local history of the former Durham mining villages of New Herrington, Newbottle, Penshaw, Shiney Row and a few more from the area


Heinrich Stroever's
The collieries in the Ruhr-district (Germany)


Photos of Wales



The Underground Miners Website
The Official Pennsylvania Abandoned Coal Mine Explorers
This is a great site with some interesting items


Mine of Information
Improving World-wide access to sources for the South Wales Coalfield

Gwybodaeth am y Glofeydd
Gwella mynediad byd-eang i ffynonellau ar gyfer Maes Glo De Cymru


Welsh Coal Mines.
An extremely informative site, packed with details of long gone Welsh collieries.


A Tribute to the Rhondda.
Visit this wonderful site and take a trip down memory lane


Justice For Mineworkers,
(Campaign for the men sacked/victimised after the 84/85 strike)
Meeting NUM Offices
Huddersfield Road


All you wanted to know about working in a coal mine, and so much more. One of the best presented mining related sites around.


Durham Mining Museum
The history of the Durham mines and miners. A great site, full of information.


Mining Europe
This is the most comprehensive record of mining in Europe to be found on the internet.
This site offers information about working mines, coke works and steel mills in Germany, Great Britain, Benelux, France, Spain, Poland and the Czech Republic. There is also a photo gallery with some 100 photos of European mining areas- incl. photos of UK mine headgears.


Harald Finster's Stahl Art
This German site contains an extensive collection of mining and steel works images.
Well worth a visit!


Find old workmates

Check out www.findaworkmate.com to find old workmates!

DTI Coal Health Claims
This site is full of information and statistics which are of interest to all who are pursuing a claim for lung disease, VWF or other HAVS conditions.
Acrobat is required as many statistics are in PDF rather than HTML

(Many thanks to Allan Price for telling us about this very informative site)


The Underground Construction Symposium
A website is available for all fellow mining machine freaks. Lots to look at and read about.

Visit our website http://www.tunnelling-show.com/

Miner's Database

Alan Andrews is an ex coal miner now living in the USA.
He is currently developing a database for ALL ex UK miners around the world to register. This serves only as a nostalgic way of catching up on old friends. See where people have ended up after the demise of the coal Industry. If you are an old collier you can add your name, the database form allows you to submit your web site and email also ...please check it out.


History of The Mines Rescue
Visitors to the site will find much material relating to individual 'heroes' and pit disasters..


For the memory of Philip Healey, a mines rescue worker from Ilkeston
The site started primarily to give information about Philip and his life with the mines rescue but it is expanding to cover mining in the midlands and is begining to include stories.


The Shropshire Mines Trust
This is a charitable trust set up in March 1996. Their aims are to preserve and interpret the remains of the Shropshire Mining Industry.
Please visit this site and give your support for the excellent work they do in recording the history of our mining heritage!


e-mail adrian.pearce@cableinet.co.uk


Bristol Mental Health Resources
This web-site provides information on mental health resources in the Bristol area.

Direct Action Magazine

http://www.direct-action.org.uk (Direct Action Magazine)

http://www.solfed.org.uk (Solidarity Federation)

http://www.selfed.org.uk (Self-Education Collective)

Stainforth 2001

Pictures and the history of Stainforth, a Yorkshire mining community, at the start of the new century
Stainforth is the home village of The Mining Community Advice Centre.


The Tolpuddle Martyrs Musuem

A detailed history of events surrounding the Tolpuddle Martyrs and the birth of the Trade Unions



Class War

Some facts about Class War


You can write to Class War at:


Blackened Flag

Anarchy in the States.

Contains lots of links to other Anarchists sites


Anarchist Trade Union Network

For Anarchists in Trade Unions


UK Coal PLC ( was RJB Mining )

Originally the home page of R.J.Budge, now used by UK Coal


Hull Trades Council / Trade Union News

email at: TUN@shed.karoo.co.uk

The Industrial Workers of the World

The world-wide revolutionary workers union fighting for bread today and the destruction of capitalism and workers power at the same time.

Subscribe at: IWW-UK-subscribe@egroups.com

Revolutionary Communists Group

Fight Racism !
Fight Imperialism !


The Unofficial Eckley Miners Village Homepage
An American homepage made by a resident of Eckley village.

The Australian Collieries staff Association

Dust, Deception & Death
A site about Black Lung Disease

Communication Studies - Coal & Community Research
Some pages from Sheffield University Home page
Redundancy and After

The Life of a Coal Miner
Pages from a university in Ohio

The Life of a Coal Miner - On Strike!
More from Ohio, but may take a while to load.

The National Coal Mining Musuem for England


Or write to: info@ncm.org.uk

Tower Colliery Homepage

This is their latest site: http://www1c.btwebworld.com/tower-coal/tmenu.html

This was their first site: http://www.baynet.co.uk/colliery/index.htm

And this one was made five years later: www.tower-colliery.co.uk

Women Miners In England


United Mine Workers of America


The American version of our own MinersAdvice?


A Doncaster site - Full of local info and links



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