Betws Colliery

Betws (Deep) Mine

Ammanford, Carms.

This small colliery is located in the Betws Mountain, which is near the villages of Ammanford and Betws in the beautiful Welsh countryside of Carmarthenshire. The mine is accessed by two twin drifts some 3200 metres long and dipping at an average gradient of 1 in 7.

Betws (Deep) Mine is currently working the Four Feet Seam which is classed as a Grade 1 high quality Anthracite. This seam is accessed by Laterals 1500 metres long, driven through the Gardners Fault from the bottom of the drifts. The average depth of cover below the surface is 550m and the average seam thickness is 1.4m.

The Mine started production in 1978, producing coal from the Red seam using mechanised long wall systems.

The mine is nestled in the beautifil Welsh countryside

Between 1978 and January 1993 some 22 Long wall faces were worked.

In May 1994 the mine was purchased on a lease / licence agreement by a management buyout.

From 1994 to now, some 600 Board and Pillar Stall workings have been extracted in the Red and Four Feet Seams using conventional mining systems.

Products include the full range of household coals plus small products for use in industries such as Water Treatment, Steel, Glass and Bricks manufacturing.

The Primary product is known as Pura-cite.

Further information on this product can be found on the company's web site at

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Maesquarre Road
SA18 2LF
Tel. Ammanford (01269) 593721
Fax No. (01269) 591972



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